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Cable Corral: Wrangle the Tangle Under Your Desk

Eliminate unsightly cable and cord clutter with versatile, sturdy and easy-to-install Cable Corral under-desk cable management products.

From larger business workstations with multiple devices and accessories, to smaller desktops at home, there's a Cable Corral product that is the perfect solution to organize power strips, adapters, small peripherals, and data and A/V cords and Cables and get it to all of the floor - out of the sight and out of the way.

Under Desk Cable Management Solutions

Under Desk Cable Management Made Easy

Most cable and wire management products only address cord and cable routing which various ties, clamps, channels, or loops, while ignoring the real problem: a power strip that sits on the floor, to which these cords and cables must be routed.

This usually results in a tangled mess that inhibits foot placement and is difficult to clean around.

Made with 100% Recycled Steel

Strips, surge protectors, power adapters, routers, modems, accessories, and many other items can be safely and securely stored in, on, or hanging from Cable Corral under-desk organizers.

Cable Corral units mount to horizontal and vertical surfaces to keep the space under desks, tables, benching, and other work areas free of cord and cable clutter, making cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting faster and easier, and work more productive. 

A simple, effective and economical solution to power source + cable and wire management problems. Designed & Packaged in the US and Made in Taiwan.

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