Basic Desk Organization

If you have snarled cables that lead to your desk they can be a real headache. Adding cable management to a basic desk can help alleviate this stress. Not only will it be easier to look at, but the cables will be easier to manage individually.

Here is one trick to having better cable management. The junction box is the place where all the power adapters are connected. This is the main point of contention for those who want to organize their cables a bit better. There are cable boxes for sale to place the junction box into.

The surge protector can also be installed in a cable box. The cable box can be flat and will hide the octopus cables from view. The cables from the power adapters come out on one end to make them look less messy.

The one problem of putting the power adapters into one box may be too much heat. Heat is an enemy of all electronic devices, so be sure to get a cable box that has some ventilation for heat to escape.

Cable management from the 115 VAC power adapter and the smaller adapters is a bit harder than just getting a box. The good news is that there are cord sleeves made to handle the cables that come up to the desk. Cable sleeves that are made of neoprene are available to handle this problem with ease.

The neoprene has the extra ability to resist being chewed. We have a better solution though, see image below. Buy Here

cable organizer spiral wrap
Cable Organizer Spiral Wrap

They are strong enough to resist cat or dog bites. The sleeve is a tube with extra plastic ends that present a professional look. Some of these tubes or sleeves come with a zipper going up the side for more ease of use.

For those who do not mind seeing exposed cables, zip ties are a choice for better cable management. The best thing about cable ties is that they come in colors. It is easy to classify what cable goes where with colored zip ties.

If the PC has two monitors, just choose two different colors for the zip ties that are leading up to them. Start at the backside of the PC with this strategy and continue on down the two HDMI or VGA cables to mark clearly which video card is in use on that cable. Buy Here

Organized Cables With Zip Ties

These days companies make reusable zip ties that help to save money as well. Get blue, white, black or whatever color is your favorite. Using more colors means better cable organization.

Another way to take control of cable management to your desk is to use bungee cords. These are not the kind with hooks on the end. These are colored cables with push-button control. The bungee style of cable control is superior to the cable tie method.

It looks more professional!

To release the bungee, just push the button. The ease of use is also one of the big advantages of using a bungee over a neoprene tube or ties. If a lot of cables are going to be bundled and more strength is needed there is no problem. The bungee cord can be doubled or tripled if needed for extra control.

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