4 Tips for Efficient Cable Management

With all the technology that we use in every room of our homes today, we end up with dozens of cables coming out of every outlet around the house. As necessary as these cables are, they also become problematic over time.

They can be a tripping hazard and they end up causing a lot of unsightly clutter around your home that you just do not want to look at on a daily basis. You probably cannot afford to get rid of the cables that you have, so how do you manage your cables and get them organized and more controlled?

Below are some tips on how to get your cables back under your control without pulling your hair out and throwing them out.

1.) Move your devices as close to outlets as possible:

Unfortunately, contractors who build houses do not always think about decor and convenience when they start to install outlets around houses which means the outlets can be in awkward and inconvenient places.

But, if it is at all possible, moving your furniture closer to the outlets will help keep you from having to stretch your cables across the room.

This will help your home not look cluttered and will keep you from tripping over cables that are reaching every which way.

Also, avoid fires with our Under-Desk Organizers.

2.) If wireless options are available, take advantage of it

Thankfully, technology has come a long way in the last few years and many of the devices that are used on a regular basis can be set up without the use of a cable.

Things like Bluetooth and speakers, wireless chargers for devices, etc. are all gadgets that you can use which will help get rid of some of your needed cables.

Switching over from cables to wireless options may cost a little more money upfront, but it will give you incredible mobility and freedom and will make your used spaces much cleaner.

3.) Invest in good cable storage

All of our devices and gadgets that we use have to have chargers that go with them to charge them up. These chargers all have cables that go with them and they can truly start to add up and cause clutter in your space and are actually a large majority of clutter that you have in your space.

Investing in a good box or zip-up organizer in which to store your charging cables when they are not in use can help you turn your cable chaos into a neat, organized space.

Most importantly, keep wires under your desk nicely organized with our Cable Corral Under Desk Wire Management Solution products.

4.) Keep the cables that you use on a regular basis labeled and neatly arranged

There are some cords that you have to use all day every day. Things like your television, lamps, computers, etc. have to be plugged up at all times. This means that you need a way to keep those cables neat and arranged nicely so they are not an eyesore.

There is an option like cable management systems that allow you to tidy up your workspace and keep you from having to deal with unnecessary clutter in your space.

Cable Corral Zip ties are also super important for keeping cables neatly organized and bundled.


There are several options that you can do that will help you tidy up your home or office space and keep cables from taking over your entire space. It only requires a little bit of imagination and organizational tools to get your space back!

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