Choose Your Office Desk

With so many options to choose from, how is it possible to find the right desk? First, we need to think about which desk is more suitable for your work style.

What do you do for work? While searching through the following also take in accountability your work habits. Are you a messy worker, creative, and/or well organized?

Computer Worker

You will want to get an office desk specifically for computer work. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something to get the work done.

Don’t forget the read on tips for organizing your office desk cables.

Homebound Worker

What is a homebound worker? You don’t want clutter in your home. A desk that has many drawers to hold all your paperwork and other work-related items to keep everything organized might be suitable for your home.


Having a place to organize all your paperwork would be nice right? So why not get a desk that allows you to organize all your work while staying tidy.

Computer Work, Paper Work, And Meetings

You may want to get an office desk that allows for a computer and maybe some drawers for a good organization with a professional look for important meetings.

Not Enough Space

Some rooms are smaller than others. If you have a small workspace you may want to invest in a small desk that saves space while also being able to keep you organized and orderly.

– Desk Surface

Veneer or Wood Top

The most sophisticated choice in desks. The veneer is a wood surface containing wood glue to an interior base. These types of desks are more expensive because of their appealing appearance. These desks are also considered more sensitive. I wouldn’t use a veneer or wood top desk if you are doing rough or heavy work.


The most popular choice in desktops because it is more affordable and can withstand more than a pure wood or veneer desk. There are also more choices in colors and wood grain patterns.


This durable desk is mostly used by those who work in mechanics, woodworking, and those similar. It is not the most professional option, but when your working in a different industry, you are not looking for appearance.

Enjoy your journey, searching for the right office desk!

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