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What color finishes are available on Cable Corral products?

Each Cable Corral model is available in a choice of three durable finishes: Black powder coat White powder coat Bright zinc plated

Can Cable Corral products be marketed under a private label?

Yes, private label options are available for Cable Corral products, based on a Distributor Agreement with minimum volumes. Use the Contact form on the Contact Us page to learn more about how TechDek Products can help enhance your brand and boost your business.

Are any other colors available on Cable Corral products?

Custom powder coat colors are available for volume orders. Use the Contact form to learn more about ordering Cable Corral products with a custom color option.

How do I mount a Cable Corral organizer under my desk?

Mounting a Cable Corral organizer with the hardware included is simple: 1. Peel off the backing on each piece of two-way adhesive foam and attach to each leg of the Cable Corral. 2. Position the Cable Corral under your desk in a location where all cords and cables will reach. 3. Drive a self-tapping screw through the mounting hole in each leg, through the adhesive foam and into the bottom surface of the desk. 4. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws, especially when mounting to particle board or other composite materials.

Do I have to use the two-way adhesive foam squares when mounting a Cable Corral?

The two-way adhesive foam squares are provided to make positioning a Cable Corral easier, but aren't required.

I don’t want to drive screws into my desk. Can I use only the two-way adhesive foam squares to mount a Cable Corral?

The two-way adhesive foam squares are provided only to aid in positioning the Cable Corral. You must use the included self-tapping screws to properly secure a Cable Corral under your desk.

I want to use a Cable Corral to organize my cords, cables and accessories, but I have a desk with a glass top. How can I mount a Cable Corral?

Cable Corral 2Way models can be mounted to a vertical surface, such as the back of a desk or a wall, making them a perfect solution for desks with tops made of glass, stone or materials you can't or don't want to drill into.

How should I arrange my power strips, cords, cables and accessories after I’ve mounted a Cable Corral?

There are really no rules on how to arrange items in a Cable Corral, but you will find it to be a versatile organizer. A good way to start is by laying the power strip in the holding tray, making sure there is ample cord to reach an electrical outlet. Then route each cord through the Cable Corral loops, and connect each plug to the power strip. You can wrap excess cords and cables around the loops or secure them to the Cable Corral with cable ties. Small items can be hung underneath the Cable Corral, if desired.

Can Cable Corral products be used to hold and organize other items besides cords, cables, power strips and accessories?

Cable Corral products are very adaptable and handy in a multitude of applications. By applying a little creative thinking, you will find many other uses to organize items in the garage, basement, workshop...anywhere you need to clean up some clutter yet keep items easily accessible. Send us before-and-after pictures of how you put Cable Corral organizers to use to help organize your life!

What materials are used to manufacture Cable Corral products?

Each Cable Corral is made of 100% recycled steel. Not only are they strong and durable, but using recycled steel makes them better for the environment as well.

I can see how useful Cable Corral products are for cable management and organization, and want to carry them in my inventory. Who should I contact?

Use the Contact form on the Contact Us page to learn more about becoming a distributor of Cable Corral products. Someone from TechDek products will get in touch with you to discuss the details about how Cable Corral products can help grow your business.