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Made In USA

Cable Corral products are proudly made in the greater Detroit area, where the idea of manufacturing still means something. It’s a place where quality is instinctive, and pride isn’t a deadly sin when workmanship is concerned. In Detroit, we build useful products — things that make life better. Those products, in turn, build businesses; and those businesses need a workforce, which helps build families, communities and the backbone of a nation.

From wood stoves at the turn of the 20th century to Henry Ford’s assembly line. From the Arsenal of Democracy to the Big 3 of American muscle. Through thick and thin to the reimagining of American manufacturing, this is what we do… we make things. We are born to produce. In Detroit, “Made in USA” isn’t a slogan — it’s our way of life.

Cable Corral under-desk cord organizers stay true to the Made in America ideal. Simple, functional and affordable, every Cable Corral is manufactured of 100% recycled steel, shaped by hardworking men and women. There might be drops of sweat on our products, but don’t worry: every Cable Corral is thoroughly cleaned before receiving its durable finish.

Could we manufacture Cable Corral products using cheaper materials and offshore labor? Sure, we could probably save a few bucks that way. But we think that upholding the integrity of our products and doing our part to keep Americans working is more important.

Will Cable Corral products singlehandedly boost the American economy? Probably not. But if you install just one of these versatile cable managers to clean up your cord and cable clutter, you’ll experience the Made in USA quality firsthand. You keep ordering them, and we’ll keep making them — right here in America.